Beautiful Bangkok, a city of contrasts

by The Storytellers MTL

We were told that Bangkok was loud, polluted and unpleasant and yet we loved the unique frenzy of this bustling city filled with fascinating contrasts! From noisy shops to temples’s tranquility, from abundant wealth to modest neighborhoods and colorful streets and from fabulous street food to high gastronomy worthy of royal palaces, Bangkok charmed us from beginning to end.



Crédit photo: The Storytellers MTL


Adventures up in the air

Our journey began abruptly with an old man’s heart attack before our plane took off for our short stopover in China. His family didn’t want to leave nor understand the seriousness of the situation. Our plane was more than an hour late as a result of numerous interventions by customs officers and doctors trying to move out the passengers without legal proceedings. Our connection between Beijing and Bangkok was very tight, so it was with a little panic that we ran through one of the most strict airports in terms of security and after a race kart that we finally could take our flight to Thailand.

The flight Montreal-Beijing wasn’t the smootest either being the longest flight we have done so far, 13 hours of plane sitting. An old man with a lot of stories to tell was the third passenger of our row and after the stressful delay we had, we dreamed of a little calm. However, our fellow (and fully awake) neighbour had a lot to tell us. A little annoyed at first, we were quickly charmed by this old man and his many stories of captivating travels. With more than 92 countries stamped in his passport, he had seen almost everything and had really lived a fulfilling life. From Egypt to the Philippines, this kind gentleman was the perfect example of the original wanderlust. Still amazed by his escapades, his nomadic spirit was never satiated. A very inspiring traveler who has always put his passion for the world at the heart of his way of life.


A Bangkok Wonderland

Finally arrived in Bangkok, among the crowd of pink taxis and pad thai aromas, we were impressed by the multitude of skyscrapers. Our Airbnb was located at the top of one of them, including an access to a beautiful infinity pool with a spectacular view of the city. Rather lucky, it was never crowded, so we were able to refresh ourselves every day after our escapades through exhilarating Bangkok. In the evening, it was particularly magical. You could see fireworks lighting up the city as well as surprising lightning during stormy moments. We closed our eyes gently and reopen them on a city completely illuminated.



Crédit photo: The Storytellers MTL


Like a wonderful treasure box, we were spellbound by the wonders of the royal palace of Wat Phra. After several trips to Europe where we explored different castles, it was refreshing to discover a completely different kind of architecture. The bright colors of the structures to the sparkling stones adorning the walls of the palace, everything was shining. However, don’t dare to venture there without an umbrella, especially on days of intense heat. Yes, yes, you read well! The sun is so hot that you won’t be able to continue your day without your worthy umbrella. It was definitely one of our best purchases and a real must for a trip to Thailand. After the frenzy of this tour, enjoy your getaway near the palace with a walk in Lumpini Park for a relaxing moment in nature.



Crédit photo: The Storytellers MTL


Among Bangkok’s other architectural jewels, you’ll find Wat Arun, the Temple of Dawn, which is ideal for starting your day with a unique sunrise tour. The details of the mosaics are as impressive as they are beautiful, however the visit is quite short (about 30 minutes).

To move between your different destinations, we advise you to download the app Grab, which is the Asian version of Uber, but even less expensive. The somewhat intense and chaotic traffic of the city convinced us not to rent a car as we usually do when traveling. Otherwise, a tuk tuk ride is also a great way to immerse yourself in the Thai rhythm and enjoy more of these moments of transition between different attractions.


Our favorites foodies spots

Located close to our Airbnb, we fell in love with the restaurant Veganeries, where creative and varied dishes blend seamlessly with Thai classics in their vegan version. Everything was absolutely fresh and delicious, a real treat! We loved the place so much that we went back three times to try all the services, lunch, dinner and brunch. The warm atmosphere and modern decor, where plants and marble were featured, reminded us of LOV, one of our favorite restaurants in Montreal. The tasty cuisine of Veganeries will certainly convince all skeptics of vegan cuisine and this is definitely our #1 Bangkok favorite.

For a more refined evening, we suggest The Siam Tea Room, a chic restaurant located in the luxurious Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queens Park. Their spicy pomelo and green mango salad with dried fish as well as their curry with yellow crab meat and grilled shrimp are particularly exquisite choices.



Crédit photo: The Storytellers MTL


For a dose of glamor, you can’t go through Bangkok without having a drink in one of the many rooftop bars in the city. For our part, we opted for the Octave for the affordable price of the cocktails compared to other establishments of the genre but especially for the incredible view of the city. We literally felt like having a drink in the sky.

We were also charmed by the decadent cupcakes of Audrey Café. Besides being extremely pretty with their small potted flowers’s appearance, they were delicious without being too sweet. Several Audrey Cafés are scattered throughout the city, but we fell in love with the one at Emquartier, which looks like a Victorian garden. Sweet teeth will be filled, especially after a shopping spree.

Our last foodie crush in Bangkok was the Casa Lapin X Bad Motel. We stopped there just before heading back to the airport and we literally didn’t see the time pass. It’s the perfect place for digital nomads who are looking for a cozy and friendly coffee spot for work and snacks. The food and the coffee are exquisite, the wi-fi is powerful and the decor is absolutely charming. You’ll be easily inspired, it’s assured!

What about you? What are your Bangkok’s highlights?


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