California Dreaming

by The Storytellers MTL

Whether you have already traveled around Europe or Asia with your backpack, few feelings can be compared to the one of going on a road trip with friends on a whim. Even less when the chosen destination is located at the end of our continent.

California, it’s the surf, the sun, the glamour and a happy vibe everywhere the road will take you. Believe me, you will not be disappointed by the adventures that awaits you behind the wheel of your car. Fill your iPhone with good music, fill up your gas tank, pick up your bff, your sweetheart or your gang and you’re (almost) done! In order to fully embrace the West Coast’s free spirit philosophy, try to travel light even if you have a car to store all your belongings. To make a road trip, it’s to sing at the top of your lungs with your hair in the wind, on the lookout for the nature’s wonders which surround you, so bring your camping gears, your swimsuit, your favorite clothes and you will be filled.

Going on the road for such a long distance will make you discover several different cities to which you might not have thought at first. It’s the perfect time to stop in Maine, Chicago, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas or stop in the middle of the desert to admire the splendor of the Grand Canyon. It’s time to let yourself be surprised by the unknown and change your itinerary according to your mood and your inspiration. Anyway, in the worst case, bad lucks are what make the best anecdotes and the best memories. Going on an adventure on the road is to let your wild side take over and at the same time, learn a lot about yourself. It’s a feeling of indescribable freedom and a vacation you’ll never forget. As Katy Perry sang in her ode to Cali, Nothing comes close to the Golden Coast.

California is full of extravagant activities, but here are the attractions that must absolutely be on your to-do list:

  • Admire the funky architecture of San Francisco with its sublime colorful houses.
  • Take a walk on the famous Golden Gate (tie your hair or wear a hat because it’s always very windy on this bridge).
  • Browse the streets of SF by tram.
  • Make a little leap in history by visiting the Alcatraz prison. On this point, even if I advised you earlier to let the unexpected surprise you, still reserve this activity in a little advance since the visitors are very numerous.
  • Take a surf lesson at Venice Beach.
  • Party on LA’s Sunset Blvd after taking a cocktail party near Dolby Theater.
  • Venture to Big Sur.
  • Daydream at the edge of Lake Tahoe.
  • Lounge on the shores of Newport Beach and Laguna Beach.
  • Take a walk in the Sequoia National Park or Yosemite Park.
  • Find your inner child and take a trip to Universal Studios to immerse yourself in the interactive world of your favorite movies.
  • Go to Legoland and Balboa Park in San Diego.
  • Have a wine tasting in Napa Valley.

In addition to the dose of heat waves waiting for you, you will certainly meet nice people during your trip to California. It’s almost destabilizing at the beginning since in the frenzy of Montreal, it’s rare that people are so courteous with strangers. Metro, work, sleep and we repeat! On the contrary, from San Francisco to LA, people will wish you good morning in the street and smile at you simply because it is in their nature and honestly, we understand them! Who would not be happy to live in a place so vibrant and relaxed at the same time? The West Coast feels like home, thanks to this warm atmosphere.

Finally, if you plan well, if you share the costs for gas, if you do a little camping and you do not always eat at the restaurant (picnics are more fun anyway) you can make an incredible trip to California on a student budget.

Happy roadtrip!

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