Magical times at Pena Palace

by The Storytellers MTL

Just like our stay in Lisbon and Belém, the one in Sintra was done under a gray sky and sometimes in the rain. We rented a tuk-tuk to walk through this beautiful city.

On the way to the top of the course, the fog completely covered the forest bordering the Pena Palace. We had to park our car and walk the rest of the way, so we took the opportunity to do some hiking to get to the castle. We thought we were in a passage in the Pan’s Labyrinth as the atmosphere was both mysterious and magical.

On the other hand, when the mist dissipated and we arrived in front of the castle, we were breathless by its size, but especially by its bright colors. The architecture of the palace and its huge clock reminded us of English architecture. We affectionately called it the Portuguese Hogwarts. The Moroccan and tropical inspirations of the castle gave us the impression of being in a totally unique place. We did not know where to look and each piece was more impressive than the previous one. The interior of the palace was sumptuous, but we especially appreciated our walk on the high ramparts of this majestic castle.

Portugal has been a revelation for both of us, for its unique architecture, its warm and refined cuisine, its modern charm and the hospitality of its citizens. Portuguese culture is rich in history, beauty and diversity and we are already planning to return to explore its other fabulous regions such as the Algarve and Porto.


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