Repère Boréal, a nordic paradise to discover

by The Storytellers MTL

Whether we like it or not, winter has arrived among us. While the cocooning season is in full swing, there are many ways to enjoy the cold season in a warm atmosphere! If you want to escape, but your schedule doesn’t allow you to fly to a sunny region, Repère Boréal is ideal for a magical getaway while staying in the country! Traveling, being a state of mind, let yourself be transported by this unique destination that will certainly please nature lovers!




Who said that minimalism and comfort didn’t go together? Repère Boréal proves the opposite with its micro-chalets and mini-houses that would make some luxury lodges jealous! Located in the heart of Charlevoix, this is the winter refuge you dreamed of to pause on your grueling daily life. Put your phone in airplane mode to fully enjoy the abundance of this enchanting woodland and Scandinavian charm of the magnificent facilities of Repère Boréal.

Designed by the friendly Galarneau brothers, Repère Boréal has more than 11 buildings of 4 different types according to your needs and tastes. Regardless of your choice of accommodation, the spa area, including hot baths and a sauna, is available with any reservation throughout the year to maximize your relaxation. The atmosphere is particularly magical in the evening while some delicate lights adorn the trees and illuminate this space of zenitude.




MAIKAN, a real cocooning paradise

For our stay, we experienced the MAIKAN, a real little paradise! Accommodating 3 people or less, but ideally for adventurous couples, this cozy nest includes a space for eating and cooking including all kitchen items as well as a soft bed for a relaxing night’s sleep.

The pièce de résistance is definitely the panoramic window that will allow you to have a unique view of the sky before falling asleep peacefully under the stars after a comforting good fire. The pleasure continues the next morning with a gentle awakening in the heart of nature. Even the late risers will appreciate this most soothing alarm clock! Whether it’s snowing, raining or sunshine, any temperature is pleasant in this little woodcabin. If you have the chance to go there on the Perseides next year, it’s definitely a dream spot to watch a shower of shooting stars.




Dwellings for all tastes at Repère Boréal

As for SHISHIP and MASHK, they can both accommodate 4 people. The first is made from a recycled marine container, while the second is a contemporary micro-chalet with intimate fire place and rooftop terrace. Finally, the UTAPI is ideal for 6 guests and represents the origins of Repère Boréal. The Galarneau family being united by a strong entrepreneurial spirit, this house was built by the father of the two founding brothers, Jonathan & Simon. With a bathroom, a fireplace, a bed on a mezzanine, a large terrace and even a tree house, all the family will be more than satisfied!

To enhance your stay, a charming menu of local products is available upon reservation and on site to make your life even easier! In the form of gourmet baskets, you will also find comforting dishes such as fresh pasta and shepherd’s pie with cheese curds to enjoy by the fire or even under the duvet! In addition, a special basket, for a few extra costs, including the essentials for making smores, comforting soup, oatmeal, and coffee will be available upon your arrival!

If you want to work on your projects without being disturbed, go to the multi room in the main complex. This large airy space giving a magnificent view of Charlevoix is ​​ideal for concentration and inspiration. You’ll also find a variety of travel books and board games that you can borrow and bring directly into your cottage. When the weather is nice, you can also enjoy the huge terrace on the roof of the building to take a well-deserved break and great breath of fresh air!

Finish your journey in the beautiful region of Charlevoix by visiting the alpacas near Repère Boréal. On the way back, stop at Baie-Saint-Paul to taste the culinary specialties of the area or to the Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré Church to admire its grandiose architecture that has nothing to envy to international cathedrals.




It makes you dream? Don’t wait any longer to book your stay because it fills up very quickly. Stay tuned for their Facebook and Instagram posts and you could even catch a last-minute cancellation!


Have fun!

This article was written following a media invitation by the Repère Boréal. This one is based on our own experience and authentic opinion.

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