Living a fairytale at Christianborg Palace

by The Storytellers MTL

Reading is the cheapest way to travel. I have always been one of those who believe in the unexpected signs of life. Those found in songs, in the name of a lost street, but especially those found in books. Especially in the words of perfect strangers who have no idea of ​​their stories’s impact on ours …

Since our arrival in Denmark, we fell in love with the country. For its elegance, simplicity, modernism and warmth. However, when we entered Christianborg Palace, we immediately gasped. Blown away by the splendor of the royal library, we felt like we were in the heart of a fairy tale worthy of Beauty and the Beast. You could literally hear ourselves singing the notes of the theme song by twirling gently as if we were alone in this huge room. It would have been easy for us to spend an eternity contemplating the majestic chandeliers, the perfection of the ornaments and the literary masterpieces resting under glass. Eye candy, especially for bookworms like us. We never thought will be saying that, but even the Hogwarts library can get dressed.

In this place filled with centuries-old stories, passionate romances and silent tragedies, we were ourselves wordless. Hypnotized by the grace of the library, we finally decided to continue our visit of the palace, ready to write our next chapter together.

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