Young souls at Copenhagen Zoo

by The Storytellers MTL

Like many people, I remain an eternal child as far as animals are concerned. I can’t help myself, I have to visit the zoo of every city where I travel. When the opportunity presented itself during our trip to Denmark, you understand that I couldn’t resist.

Arrived at the spot, this beautiful brown bear immediately caught my attention. A real model taking the pose, a real dancer repeating a routine. After his last spin, he ended up sitting on a rock and that’s when I was able to capture this photograph. By the way he looked in my direction, one would have thought he knew exactly what he was doing and that he was smiling directly at me. Despite his impressive size, I could only see the teddy bear from my childhood through his eyes.

A little later, while going for a picnic in Frederiksberg Park, just next to the Copenhagen Zoo, we were pleasantly surprised to discover the proximity to the elephants. We could literally have lunch right next to them. We were also pleased to see that they had a large open space to play and live even in captivity. Whether you visit the zoo or not, we strongly advise you to bring your own meal and to share it near these majestic animals.

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