Vue des jardins du Real Alcazar de Séville

10 reasons to visit Seville at least once in your life

by The Storytellers MTL

You can’t plan a trip to Andalusia without visiting Seville! This magnificent city in the south of Spain will amaze you with its beauty, but also with its delicious cuisine, its fascinating history and its varied activities! From its sumptuous palace to its famous flamenco shows, here are 10 reasons that will convince you to visit Seville at least once in your life!


Jardins du Real Alcazar

Crédit photo: The Storytellers MTL


1. Visit the Real Alcazar of Seville

Built in the 10th century by the Moors, it’s still the oldest active royal palace in Europe. From its majestic decor to its lush gardens, the Alcazar illustrates the very essence of Andalusian grandeur. We recommend you to book your visit in advance and allow two or three hours to fully explore this architectural treasure. This is definitely the perfect place to delve into Seville’s captivating past, from its Moorish origins, to the Spanish conquest to its modern use.


Entree Real Alcazar de Séville

Crédit photo: The Storytellers MTL


2. Stroll through the Plaza de España

When we think of Seville, it’s often the image of the Plaza de España that comes to mind. Built for the 1929 Ibero-American Exposition, there are magnificent ceramic mosaics representing the 50 Spanish provinces all around the plaza. ⁠Whether it’s to take a little boat ride, to attend a flamenco show or simply to stroll and admire the beauty of the place, it’s an unmissable place to stop during a getaway to Seville!


Bateau à la Plaza de Espana de Séville

Crédit photo: The Storytellers MTL


3. Attend a flamenco show

A fusion of gypsy, Arab and Andalusian cultures, flamenco has its origins in Seville, making it an ideal place to attend one of its flamboyant shows. The historic neighborhoods of Triana or Santa Cruz are renowned for their tablaos offering authentic performances. And if you want to learn more about this art where emotions are expressed through the passionate union of dance, song and music, go to the Museo del Baile Flamenco, you won’t be disappointed.


Danseurs de flamenco

Crédit photo: The Storytellers MTL


4. Climb the Torre del Oro

Testament to the maritime history of Seville, the Torre de Oro is an essential cultural monument to add to your itinerary. Built in the 13th century, this defensive tower bordering the Guadalquivir River has stood the test of time, becoming an emblem of the city. The tour lasts about an hour and is worth it for the breathtaking panoramic view that awaits you at the top (especially during sunset).


Torre del Oro de Séville

Crédit photo: The Storytellers MTL


5. Explore Maria Luisa Park

Located right next to the Plaza de España, Maria Luisa Park is a green space where you can stroll in the heart of the city. Once the private garden of the Palacio San Telmo, it’s now a spacious public park where history and nature meet for a leisurely stroll. Entrance is free, offering a peaceful refuge without having to pay anything. Sunny mornings are perfect for strolling or having a coffee among the fountains and palm trees before continuing a day full of activities in Seville. You might even be able to spot pretty swans during your visit across its 40 hectares.


Cygnes au Parque Maria Luisa

Crédit photo: The Storytellers MTL


6. Visit the Cathedral of Seville

A masterpiece of Gothic architecture, Seville Cathedral has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1987. Built on the remains of an ancient mosque, it houses the largest Gothic nave in the world and the famous Giralda, an old minaret transformed into a bell tower. Set aside at least two hours to visit this emblem of Seville, where you can also see the tomb of Christopher Columbus as well as the courtyard of the orange trees.


Calèche devant la Cathédrale de Séville

Crédit photo: The Storytellers MTL


7. Explore Barrio Santa Cruz 

With its winding streets, decorated with flowered balconies, Barrio Santa Cruz overflows with history and charm while revealing the vibrant essence of Seville. Once the heart of the Jewish community, this tangle of picturesque streets invites exploration, revealing lively squares and intimate terraces. The Plaza de los Venerables and the Casa de Pilatos will also offer you an immersion in Andalusian architecture and culture, even more magical at the end of the afternoon, when the golden lights touch the whitewashed facades.


Maison dans le Barrio Santa Cruz

Crédit photo: The Storytellers MTL


8. Admire the city from the top of Metropol Parasol 

Affectionately nicknamed Las Setas (the mushrooms) by the Sevillians, Metropol Parasol will undoubtedly appeal to lovers of contemporary design and architecture. Located in La Encarnación neighborhood, this undulating wooden structure offers stunning panoramic views of the city from its elevated walkways. We strongly recommend that you book a sunset visit to fully enjoy it, then admire the colorful light show when night falls.


Las Setas au couche de soleil

Crédit photo: The Storytellers MTL


9. Explore Triana 

Located on the banks of the Guadalquivir River, the Triana neighborhood is also the cradle of flamenco and traditional ceramics. Beyond its pretty colorful houses, explore its lively streets and pottery workshops, discover its Plaza del Altozano and, above all, stop at the Triana market for an immersive gastronomic experience. In short, an essential stop during a stay in Seville!


Maisons colorées du quartier Triana

Crédit photo: The Storytellers MTL


10. Taste churros con chocolate at El Commercio bar

To taste the best chocolate churros in the city, you absolutely have to stop at the El Commercio bar. Whether you take them with you or sit there for lunch, you’ll be seduced by this typical Andalusian dish, perfectly crispy, freshly concocted on site and accompanied by a high-quality chocolate sauce. We’re already missing it!


Churros con chocolate du Bar El Commercio

Crédit photo: The Storytellers MTL


From its impressive monuments to its vibrant neighborhoods to its comforting gastronomy, Seville has everything to charm you! We hope that our recommendations will help you plan your next trip to the Andalusian capital!

We wish you the most wonderful getaway in Southern Spain!

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