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10 Best Spots for a Winter Photoshoot in Montreal

by The Storytellers MTL

As much as winter in Montreal can be magical, it can also gives you a headache when planning a winter photoshoot. With reduced hours of sunshine and plummeting temperatures, you have to be creative, well equipped and, above all, well organized. To facilitate your plans and stock up on ideas, discover our 10 best spots for a winter photoshoot in Montreal.



Crédit photo: The Storytellers MTL


1. Botanical Garden

If you don’t have travel plans right now, you still can stroll through Montreal Botanical Garden and feel like you’re in Asia for an afternoon! ⁠Take a winter walk through its pretty snowy gardens and explore this peaceful oasis from a new perspective.


Photoshoot hivernal d'un temple chinois au Jardin Botanique de Montréal

Crédit photo: The Storytellers MTL


2. Place d’Armes Square

Very popular with its giant stars, Place d’Armes Square offers many interesting angles thanks to all the attractions that surrounds it, including the Notre-Dame Basilica and Hôtel Place d’Armes.



Crédit photo: The Storytellers MTL


3. Dorchester Square/Place du Canada

A place of tranquility in the heart of the city and a great spot to have a picnic during summer, Dorchester Square is also an excellent place for a winter photoshoot in Montreal. The buildings’s architecture blend the past with modernity, and we love the look of this soothing place, so close to the vibrancy of the city.



Crédit photo: The Storytellers MTL


4. The trails of the Peninsula 

The trails of the Peninsula are definitely one of our favorite places for a winter stroll near Montreal! It’s an ideal spot to relax in nature, walk in peace and take a breath of fresh air! As beautiful in fall as in winter, many trails are also available for a walk, snowshoes or cross-country skiing.


MJ aux sentiers de la Presqu'Île

Crédit photo: The Storytellers MTL


5. Frédéric-Back Park

For a futuristic vibe, Frédéric-Back Park is the place to visit for an eccentric winter photoshoot. It’s time to take out your creativity and have fun transporting you to the unique universe of this environmental and zero waste space.

Note: there are several entrances to explore the park and it’s not clearly indicated where to go to get to the bubbles. We advise you to go through entrance 18 on rue d’Iberville for direct access.



Crédit photo: The Storytellers MTL


6. Westmount Greenhouse

Westmount exudes romance, and the immaculate tone of its renovated greenhouse is even more dazzling during the winter months. With the Westmount Manor and its european atmosphere right next door, it’s a great place to a couple’s photoshoot.



7. Maisonneuve Park

Maisonneuve Park is our favorite park in Montreal and proof that you can take photos with a forest vibe even in the city. Whether it’s for a walk, cross-country skiing, running or simply to get some fresh air, it’s a peaceful spot to capture Montreal’s winter beauty.


MJ et Max au parc Maisonneuve en hiver

Crédit photo: The Storytellers MTL


8. Old Montreal’s Ferris Wheel

Strolling through Old Montreal’s charming streets, you immediately feel transported to an another era and and another continent. You’ll find the beautiful ferris wheel next to Quai de l’Horloge, where you can enjoy a spectacular view of the city surrounding by St Lawrence River.


Grande Roue - Vieux-Port de Montréal en hiver

Crédit photo: The Storytellers MTL


9. Maisonneuve Market

During the holidays, the outside of Maisonneuve market becomes a place of choice to find a natural Christmas tree with its comforting scents. During the rest of the winter, CCSE Maisonneuve’s facade and its pretty fountain right next to it are also a good spot to consider for a creative winter photoshoot.



Crédit photo: The Storytellers MTL


10. Bonsecours Market

Old Montreal is full of sublime buildings whose architecture makes you feel like walking in a movie set. We particularly love Bonsecours Market and the magical atmosphere that emanates from the gorgeous street where it’s located, and the wonderful dome in the snow.


Marché Bonsecours en hiver - Vieux-Montréal

Crédit photo: The Storytellers MTL


We hope this article gave you a little dose of inspiration and the desire to explore Montreal from a different perspective! Now, it’s time to go play outside and put your photo skills into practice!

Have a great photoshoot!

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