Escaping the ordinary, in your own country

by The Storytellers MTL

With our loaded work schedules, our planned activities and our multiple simultaneous projects, sometimes all we need is a little R & R (rest & relaxation) to recover. We often dream of distant lands while we can also be disoriented by staying in the same region or in the same neighborhood. This is why, we decided to rent an AirBnb at the last minute, packed our bags and jumped in the car for a romantic getaway weekend in Quebec City!

Here’s a quick list of essentials for a successful R & R weekend:


A good place to recover your hours of sleep

After spending an evening looking for the perfect AirBnb in Quebec City, we finally found a true gem with Jack and Danielle’s beautiful and modern country house. Less than a 10 minutes drive from the Upper Town and Montmorency Falls, their house is ideally located so you do not lose your precious moments of relaxation in hours of transport. As we arrived, we were welcomed as if we were part of the family by Danielle who made us a quick tour of the surroundings. After dropping our bags, we spent a good fifteen minutes pinching ourselves admiring the beauty of the place. Their house is completely renovated and has EVERYTHING you could imagine for a relaxing weekend. Whether the room is beautifully decorated, the huge bathroom is perfect for a bubble bath and the home theater is ideal to watch a movie under the covers. The cherry on top is the access to a private spa to completely relax all your muscles stretched by the daily stress.

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PS: If you’re lucky, you’ll have the chance to taste Jack’s mother divine sucre à la crème, a true foodie’s delight!



Not-so-planned activities to recharge your batteries

Montmorency Falls

This impressive force of nature is a jewel to rediscover each season if you have the opportunity to visit Quebec frequently. We had never seen it in the winter and we were completely overwhelmed by its immensity and power. During the cold season, a huge ice pick rises in front of the falls, but you can safely climb it to admire them more closely. We had a lot of fun climbing (and falling) and finding our inner child by playing the King of the mountain.

In front of all this beauty, we had the impression of being in Iceland for a moment. The sound of the waves was so soothing, we were completely in the moment, far from all our obligations, with no time limit.



Petit-Champlain neighborhood

No matter how many times you’ve been to Quebec City, Quartier Petit-Champlain remains a must-see where you can find the best of the city. These enchanting streets are full of restaurants and bistros where you can have a good afternoon beer and a bite to eat after a little shopping. Our favorite spot? Le Lapin Sauté, a beautiful restaurant, where the dishes are all more delicious than each other. Whether you are with your SO or your friends, you’ll be absolutely delighted by their many dishes to share like the whole duck and rabbit that will allow you to taste the best of these meats.

Go get lost in the streets of this neighborhood to feel in another era, grab a coffee while admiring the Château Frontenac to feel like you’re on another continent, spend the weekend with your favorite person because whatever place becomes your favorite with him.


An evening in the spa

We love spa centers and their fabulous thermal experiences, but sometimes it’s even better to be there just with your SO, without all the hassle of other visitors. After a day of outdoor activities and romantic walks, the spa of our Airbnb was exactly what we needed. Waves, eucalyptus smell, a little glass of Moscato, and the last snowflakes of March in the background for a complete relaxing experience.


Great food to treat you

Bols et Poké

The exploration of Quebec City neighborhoods will certainly make you hungry. If you want to be satisfied without any guilt, we recommend you Bols et Poké. For those who have not yet had the chance to taste a Poké, it is an Hawaïan dish that consists of rice, served with marinated fish and vegetables and then usually covered with sauce or vinaigrette.

Bols et Poké understood the concept very well and offered you 6 different versions of Poké including a vegetarian, something to suit all tastes. It’s fresh, colorful and the portions are generous. If you are looking for a dish to warm your soul during our chilly spring, they also serve ramen soups that are delicious. You have the choice of two broths and two proteins, including silky tofu. Each soup is accompanied by seasonal vegetables and the classic egg, enough to make you feel in Japan in the middle of Quebec.



Romantic fondue dinner

After a full day out in the open air, you will definitely need a good dinner to recover your strength. Of course, you can still eat at one of Quebec City’s many restaurants, like Le Lapin Sauté, but there is nothing better than a nice fondue to recover. Jack and Danielle’s Airbnb being so warm, you’ll just want to relax with your lover to enjoy your fondue with a good bottle of wine before finishing the evening in the spa.


Ciel! Bistro-bar

To end your weekend of relaxation in style, we recommend Ciel! Bistro bar and their incredible weekend brunch. Their 3-course menu, concocted by chef David Forbes, is not only delicious, but also varied. For the first service, you can choose from 4 choices, including the smoothie of the day that was delectable during our visit.

For the second service, the chef offers 8 choices including French toast with poached pears, a veggie burger with Hercules cheese and even the classic brunch plate with eggs, sausages, bacon, pancakes and baked beans. For our part, we opted for the veggie burger which was amazing with its egg and an even better sauce than the famous Big Mac. Our choice also stuck on the steak and eggs, served with a delicious red wine sauce, roasted potatoes and a must, cheese curd. It’s decadent, delicious and we highly recommend it. Finally, if you still have room for more food, pastry chef Vincent Coulange reserves you a small plate of sweets to finish your meal.

Who says brunch also says mimosas and you will not be disappointed at Ciel! Bistro-bar. With their exotic mimosas (mango or passion fruit) and their many cocktails made from Gin L’Horizon, you’ll have the perfect boozy brunch!

In addition to their delicious dishes and homemade cocktails, Ciel! is also known for having the best view of Quebec and we can confirm that it’s true. Well nestled at the top of the hotel Le Concorde, Ciel! is a revolving restaurant that offers a 360 degree panoramic view of Quebec City. From the 28th floor, you’ll be able to see the Plains of Abraham and even the Château Frontenac during your meal, without leaving your chair. Eating in this restaurant really feels like in 7th Heaven!


You can visit the same city several times and see it from a different angle at each new visit. We hope that our trip will inspire you to take time for you, no matter where you are.

Enjoy your weekend!

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