Flavors paradise: our foodie journey with Cookly!

by The Storytellers MTL

Just before leaving for our trip to Southeast Asia, we saw that Cookly was looking for new ambassadors. Our curious hearts and our foodies spirits jumped on the occasion, which allowed us to live an unforgettable experience in the authentic universe of the Thai cuisine during our stay in Phuket.


For a total immersion, we decided to take the full day course offered by the Phuket Thai Cooking Academy which would allow us to cook over a dozen classic dishes like yellow curry, Tom Yum soup and the famous Pad Thai.

Before starting the course, we had the opportunity to do a guided tour of a typical Thai market to learn more about the different ingredients used to create various dishes. Our guide, who was also the head chef of the Academy, gave us a tour of the different counters of fresh and colorful fruits and vegetables, as well as making us taste and smell many of the ingredients, stimulating all our senses.

Back at the cooking school, we putted on our chef’s hats and aprons to follow our first lesson: making cream and coconut milk. We were surprised at how easy it was to prepare those two key ingredients of Thai culture. You only need fresh coconut pulp, a little hot water, plenty of room temperature water and some elbow grease to squeeze the mixture in your hands and pull out all the ingredients, aromas and flavors. By the way, did you know that it only takes two coconuts to obtain more than 2.5kg of pulp? We didn’t either, it’s pretty impressive!


Once the cream and the milk had been prepared, we started with our first dessert: the classic mango sticky rice. No matter which restaurant you go on during your trip to Thailand, you’ll find this dish at the top of the desserts list. In fact, as its name says it, this dessert consists only of fresh mango served with sweet sticky rice flavored with coconut cream. It only takes 5 minutes to cook, but once the rice has absorbed all the vanilla and coconut cream mix, it becomes sweet to perfection and goes wonderfully with the mango that is available everywhere around Thailand.

After the dessert, we started with the preparation of the ingredients for our 4 other dishes. We learned practical tips on how to properly cut vegetables and herbs, as well as preparing the different spice mixes for our curry and our delicious Tom Yum soup. When we tell you that the Cookly experience gives you more than what you pay for, these are not empty words. After the morning class, we had enough food to make an authentic meal for us and at least 2 other couples of friends minimum.


In fact, we had so much food that for the second half of the day, we asked to do only 5 dishes together instead of 5 dishes each, because we would never have had enough arms and stomachs to take all the food back to our hotel. Also, as MJ is not a fan of very spicy dishes, we really enjoyed being able to control the degree of spiciness in the sauces to adjust everything to our tastes.

Our first experience with Cookly was truly amazing thanks to the kindness and the expertise of the Phuket Thai Cooking Academy team. The spectacular view of the open kitchen also took our breath away. The decor and atmosphere are ideal for cooking delicious dishes in peace, close to nature. We also had the chance to discover several less-known dishes of authentic Thai cuisine (at least for us) as our new favorite, the sauteed morning glories. We intend to explore the Asian markets in Montreal very soon to recreate this simple but so tasty dish.

We recommend without hesitation to everyone who visit Southeast Asia to take the fantastic Phuket Thai Cooking Academy course with Cookly to fully immerse themselves in Thailand’s authentic culinary culture.

Check out the following links to learn more about our experience Cookly or to book your own cooking class !

Bon appétit!

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