5 fabulous Quebec companies to bring on your next trip!

by The Storytellers MTL

More than ever, entrepreneurship and local commerce are growing, especially among millennials who want to live a balanced life where work and pleasure go hand in hand. We like to consume more products from here and encourage the next generation’s expertise! So, we wanted to make you discover (or rediscover) our 5 favorite Quebec companies that are perfect for modern wanderlusts! Here are our favorites to bring with you on your next trip!



Depending on the region where you go, while travelling, it’s not necessarily the moment to wear a fancy updo! With the hot and humid weather in many backpackers’ favorite countries, we must focus on comfort first and foremost, but who said it couldn’t be done with style? Empek‘s unisex and super trendy denim hats can be worn with anything and give you a badass globe-trotter allure in one look. They’re also perfect for surviving the heatwave, a jeep ride in the jungle, a hike in Hawaii or just to have an amazing look out of the pool. Founded by Mariana Estela in 2017, we absolutely loooove the 90’s vibe of the brand, but especially the quality of products and values ​​of the company.






Among the most useful accessories of any traveler is a quality backpack. Whether you are on a big trip around the world or just traveling light for a weekend getaway, a good backpack is essential. Basiks currently offers 4 models of bags with trendy designs and the team is working very hard to add new ones as soon as possible (we are crushing on the palm model: D). With space reserved for your laptop, several inside and outside pockets and a protection against water, the Basiks bags really have all the necessary to become your perfect everyday backpack. Officially launched by a young and inspiring couple, Audrey and Laurent, at the beginning of July, Basiks is really on a roll and we can’t wait to see what the two entrepreneurs have in store for the upcoming months.




Poches & Fils

For those who do not know them yet, Poches & Fils is a company specializing in the manufacture of funky and funny pockets patterns t-shirts. If you’ve ever met someone who had a t-shirt with a flamingos or ice cream sandwiches pockets, well it’s a P & F. In addition to selling t-shirts, you can now get dress shirts, boxers and even socks to fit with your favorite pattern. We have been proud owners of P & F t-shirts for many years and the quality of the product is truly remarkable. Max’s favorite t-shirt (his lion pocket) is already over 2 years old and is still in perfect condition. We must also admit that we couldn’t resist assuming our kitsch side and buy matching t-shirts with the same design before our departure in Asia last May. If you want to match with your SO or simply want to get a piece that will make heads turn no matter where you go, you can buy the pocket of your choice on their online store or in all Simons across the province, Sports Experts and NEON.





This eco-friendly company founded by designer Cynthia Savard and former hockey player Georges Laraque is definitely a must for your next yoga retreats or your hikings in nature. Their colorful and stylish leggings, made from recycled plastic bottles, are so comfortable that they become like a second skin. They breathe despite the heat of any humid climate, allowing you to move at your ease without any discomfort. I wore them everywhere on our last trip to Southeast Asia and I felt really good despite the intense heat of Cambodia and Thailand. Yes, they are perfect for your daily yoga session, but you can also wear them during your temple visits or even for a romantic walk on the beach! The ocean’s and the environment protection are at the heart of the values ​​of Oraki and we immediately feel the attention that has been given to the leggings as soon as you put them on!

In addition, for every purchase made online, a percentage of the sales goes to Shriners Children’s Hospital. What else could you possibly want?




Twenty Compass

Founded in 2015 by Laurence Bédard, Twenty Compass is a handmade jewelry company inspired by the founder’s travels, landscapes, colors and encounters. Laurence’s creations are ideal for intrepid adventurers who love to plunge into the water and explore new exotic destinations, but also for those who like to enhance their look for a picnic at the beach or a romantic evening at the sea. Semi-precious stones, stainless steel and sterling silver, there is really something for everyone. Take a look at their latest lookbook to inspire you for your next journey!




Have fun discovering our favorite local businesses! What’s yours? 🙂

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